You know the saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes?
Welcome to my reality.
I really do like shoes, so would definitely not make it as a cobbler's child. But, luckily for me, my Dad & Mom are not cobblers (My Nono was though).

But, I'm a designer. And, one of my babies, my design studio, definitely has no shoes.
We've been so busy lately we haven't even had time to think about working on a website or designing anything for us.
Therefore, this site has been permanently "under construction."

For those of you that come here to find out what I'm doing or get in touch with me,
sadly enough, I can only is my e-mail: I'd love to hear from you. And, we do keep up with our e-mails around here.
If you want to know what we have been up here at Kelsie Park-Sherbo Studio, here is a little brief summary:

1. We're now a partner in Sugarcube Press...the sweetly vintage. uniquely modern letterpress shop where letterpress has never been sweeter.
We're launching new products at the New York Stationery Show in May of 2008. Visit our booth (no. 1054) if you happen to be there...come say hi.

2. We've been working for the past 2.5 years developing fabric collections for Petunia Pickle Bottom.
They came to us to help create their own unique line of fabrics...from bags to bedding.

3. We sometimes take on other clients, in all our spare time.
Because at the heart of our business, is the desire to create.
To create something that helps you do your business better.

We love working with small and medium sized businesses where budgets can be small, but vision and passion is great.
Get in touch with us and see if we have an opening in our schedule.